What subject you teach is not important, how you teach is what makes the difference !

05 Mar

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Teachers can create, store and share the college lectures with students online

Having created one sample presentation on the  , I am amused with its features and want to share its advantages with you people. This is one interesting website which may help the teachers to share tutorials with students, a company to create powerful presentations for clients and store it on internet. The list is just endless….

1-     Rather than the teacher creating a powerful presentation for her next lecture and then sending it to students over email, with slide rocket, the teacher can create a great presentation completely online.

2-      The online model allows more than one teacher to create a presentation. Also, the teacher can share the link with head of department and get an approval before sharing it with students [This may just make the system transparent. No other objective. So please don’t take me wrong here…]

3-      Students can access the presentation from anywhere- home, college, mobile, restaurant or any place one can think of.

4-     Teachers can import previously created lectures to modify and share them with next batch of students.

5-     The free registration gives 150 MB of storage, but the Head of Department may upgrade to paid accounts for extras like more storage and metrics (how long was each slide viewed by students, links clicked and so on).

I have a very strong feeling that adopting such a model may not only be convenient for teachers but also help the students learn the subject in an interesting way.

As they say- “What subject you teach is not important, how you teach is what makes the difference”

Happy Learning  🙂

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Posted by on March 5, 2011 in Education


One response to “What subject you teach is not important, how you teach is what makes the difference !

  1. Durgesh Gurnani

    March 6, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    A friend called up last night to suggest me to include into the post. Online teaching is proving very useful in Vidyalankar. Also he informed me that it is very common form of learning in most of the US universities like NYU, etc.

    I am not including the stuff inside the post, but decided to share the information through a comment.. Thanks !

    Once again, Happy Learning 🙂


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