“Simple strategies can change the way Banking business is done”

06 Mar

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That is exactly the type of the card which I need my bank to come up with- “Personalized  Debit Card/Credit Card”. How is it going to work is as below:

Step 1- Customer will upload his personalized photograph through the online channel while applying for this Debit Card/ Credit Card (lets give it a name: XYZ Bank’s Citizen’s Card)

Step 2- Someone from bank will authorize his photograph.

Step 3- The Photograph will be printed as the background of this card and the ‘Master Card/ Visa Card’ logo will come on top of this background image along with XYZ bank’s logo.

Step 4- The name and the card number will also comes on the top of this image.


So, In short what we actually change is just the background image. Now let’s see what can this small change mean from business point of view.


Advantage 1- The marketing becomes easy, because of its uniqueness.

Advantage 2- When the customer places such a personalized card on top of his bill, he is sure to catch the eyes of many people. The card actually has a lot of potential for a mouth to mouth publicity.

Advantage 3- XYZ bank can help increase the market share by introducing this. This will surely give  XYZ bank a competitive edge which is bound to bring profits.

Advantage 4- I would like to flaunt with my girl friend’s photo on this card, in short – I would like to purchase this card. Guess, each customer will have their own reasons to purchase it.


If all banks are doing same business in a particular area-may be the features of this card could help XYZ bank to increase its market share…


As they say –“Simple strategies can change the way Banking business is done”


Cheers 🙂

Durgesh Gurnani

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