Lesson 1: Understanding Cell in MS- Excel

07 Mar

MS- Excel

  • An Excel Worksheet consists of rows and columns.
  • Columns are identified by letters : (A,B,C,………..Z,AA,AB,AC,…….AZ,BA,BB,…….IV)
  • Rows are identified by numbers ; (1,2,3,…………….8000)
  • The intersection between a row and a column is known as cell and has a unique cell address or cell reference.
  • The cell in 5th row of column C has cell address C5. Note that the column letter always comes first in the cell address,followed by the row number. Thus, 5C is not a valid cell reference.

In the figure above, please find the following: File Name Indicator, Menu Bar, Formula Bar, Active Cell, Scroll Bar and Active Sheet.

Happy Learning 🙂

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