Anyone(even bholu, chotu and cheenu) who has internet access and an opinion is a player in todays marketplace !

21 Mar

Power of Social Media

In yesterday’s market place, brands spoke to consumers and consumers did what the brands asked them to do. It was an age in which brands didn’t engage in a dailouge with consumers. The brands controlled the way the image of the brand was built.

Today the market place is about brands and consumers speaking to each other. Brands have been loosing control over the kind of conversation that is taking place about the brand. The internet has moved the control of the brands into consumers’ hand, and that is posing new challenges for brand owners. What it means is that today, brand owners either need to have more people speaking positively about the brands or have fewer people speaking negatively. In both cases, Social Media provides a base for businesses to pick up online conversations and turn them into leads.

Brand perceptions are altered, formed, and re-established on facebook, twitter, orkut, you tube, linked IN, flicker. Do you still doubt the power of Chintu and his facebook account ?

Happy Branding 🙂

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Posted by on March 21, 2011 in Marketing


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