Anything worth doing is worth doing passionately

27 Mar

– Michael Jordan was taken out from his high school basketball team.

– His music teacher told him that as a composer, he was hopeless. Beethoven’s music lives on even now.

– This man was turned down by Toyota Motor Corporation in a job interview for an engineer. Soichiro did not lose hope. He went on to start Honda.

– People thought Jeff Bezos was crazy- after all, who would buy books online. His proved them wrong.

These are some of the examples which Arindam Chaudhari quotes in his book- ‘Discover the Diamond in you’. He forces the reader to believe that “ If you think you can, you are right”.

PASSION CAN MAKE ANYTHING HAPPEN and this is exactly what Arindam Chaudhri [Management Consultant to leading organizations worldwide] tries to convey through his book. Arindam Chaudhri can be invited for a seminar [Rs. 5 lakhs per hour] at

Arindam Chaudhri should pay me a commission for this 🙂

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Posted by on March 27, 2011 in Management Books


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