Invest in a home abroad during this global economic meltdown

28 Jan

Hey, are you looking to invest in real estate? Do you know that certain destinations abroad offer good returns for your money. The global economic meltdown has reduced property prices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Dubai. Hence, buying and investing in an apartment in some neighborhoods of such countries is cheaper than purchasing a house in your own city- Amchi Mumbai !

Lets see real estate rates for Mumbai v/s the rest of the world:

1-Dubai – Motor City(52 lakhs for 700 sq ft) & Mumbai- Kandivali-East (58 lakhs for 700 sq ft)

2- London- Shell Roas (1.4 crore for 500 sq ft) & Mumbai- Bandra, West (1.4 Crore for 500 sq.ft)

3- Singapore- Beach Road (6 crore for 800 sq ft) & Mumbai- Walkeshwar (6 crore for 800 sq ft).

Experts also recommend this as a smart move to diversify buyer’s property portfolio’s.

Happy Investing 🙂

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