Set the goal right

05 May

No one wants to sit on the sidelines of their own life, watching other people do exciting things, get the glory, and succeed. We want to be in the game too !

Vast body of research shows that people who set goals are much more likely to take action and make positive changes than people who only have vague intentions.

So, here I will try to take you through the psychology of goal setting. I have a friend who frustrates me. Despite being a talented writer and wanting to get his book published, she cant seem to get around it. When I ask her about when she will do it, she always says some like : ‘Oh, soon.’

When is that ‘soon’ though? Next month, next year,next decade?

And then I realize that sometimes the biggest barrier to people’s success isn’t the lack of skill or experience. It’s not about getting the right training or qualification. Its often psychological, about not having enough confidence to take those steps OR setting the right goals and taking right actions to achieve it .


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