Learning from Mumbai Marathon : ‘Journey is the reward’

02 Jun


Doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, a former beauty queen, housewives, and students had all come to take part in what would have become one of the biggest physical test of their lives. Some had come from small towns with limited training facilities. Some had battled illnesses. Whatever motivated them- whether it was the joy of pushing their body to the limit or the satisfaction of achieving a lifelong goal- they all had one thing in common. They weren’t looking back to see who was behind them. They weren’t looking ahead to see who is in front of them.  ‘They simply looked up. As they crossed the finish line- that threshold between failure and success- they focused on six letters.


They did it. They had finished.

And that was their victory!


Now, as children, we were taught that races are there to be won. Its all about coming first because there is no place for the second place. We were never taught that finishing is a reward in itself.


This Marathon teaches all of us a beautiful lesson.

Happy running 🙂



Durgesh Gurnani

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