How to get off that weight loss cycle for good ?

15 Jun

Weight loss and Pooja Makhija…Deadly combination, I must say !

Nutritionist to Bollywood stars and a mother of two, Pooja M. is one of the India’s leading expert on nutrition and has counseled over 15,000 clients. Pooja has recently launched her own wellbeing clinic , Nourish, and she works and live in Mumbai.

Pooja says, ‘Weight loss isn’t just about “the weight. Its about you telling your body what to do, instead of your body telling you what to do,It is about freedom. If you want to climb the mountain, you can. If you want to run that Marathon, you can. If you want to get into a fabulous pair of jeans, you can. Weight loss doesn’t just give you the ability to look or feel your best. It gives you the ability to choose, call the shots and be the CEO of your life”.

Pooja Makhija reminds us that food is not something to be feared, worshiped or abused. Her scientific approach puts food at the center of weight loss.

She has her clinic in Khar and can be contacted at

Amazing website, I must say !

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