Alipay: Sound wave mobile payments capability

24 Apr


Alipay has launched a new sound wave app for Android and iPhone IOS operating system devices in China that will, for the first time, allow users to pay for consumer transactions with their smartphone.

The Alipay Wallet App has been launched in Beijing Subway stations and will allow app users to make purchases at soft drink vending machines.

Uniquely calibrated white noise sound waves are generated by the smart phone device and received by the payment kiosk in the vending machine. Alipay claims the “wallet-free” transaction is processed in under one minute and that white noise data information is scrambled after five minutes to protect a user’s cyber security.

The Alipay Wallet App enables users to electronically store and manage a variety of payment media including credit cards, gift certificates and discount coupons.

If the trial proves successful in the Beijing Subway, Alipay intends to expand its net of sound wave payment kiosks to include convenience stores along the subway lines.

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