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It’s Okay to be the Boss, Be a Great One !!

bossYou are the boss. You are the most important person in that workplace. What kind of boss are you going to be?


Fight the under management epidemic! Create real accountability. Be the boss who says, ” Great news, I am the Boss! I consider that a sacred responsibility. I am going to make sure that everything goes well here. I am going to set you up for success every step of the way. When you need something, I am going to help you find it. When you want something, I am going to help you earn it”.


Accept your authority, take charge, and become a strong manager. You owe it to your employer. You owe it to your employees. You owe it to yourself.

It’s Okay to be the Boss. Be a great one !





I connected the dots on the canvas of my life !

‘Connect the dots’ is the story of 20 enterprising individuals without an MBA, who started their own ventures. They were driven by the desire to prove themselves. To lead intresting, passionate and meaningful lives. Their stories say one thing loud and clear – You dont need a fancy degree or a rich daddy to dream big and make it happen. Its all in your head, your heart, your hands.

The book has classified entrepreneurs in three categories:

1. Jugaad – Ones who have no formal business training and learnt by observation, experimentation and application of mind.
2. Junoon – Ones who are driven by passion and ideas which are ahead of its time.
3. Zubaan – Ones who are creative people with unique talent

Rashmi Bansal’s style and language is amazing as always. Happy Reading 😉

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The beauty, ultimately, is in the experiments and the learnings we gain from them

It is easier to misunderstand the Employees First, Customer Second concept than it is to understand it.

Now this is not just a book. It is a lesson for all of us. It is a sequence of phases the HCL CEO Vineet Nayar went through: looking in the mirror, creating trust through transparency, inverting the pyramid, and transferring the responsibility for change to all. This is essential because the world of business is changing in fundamental ways.

Many people- both inside and outside HCL Technologies misunderstand what ‘Employee First, Customer Second’ mean. But many do understand the philosophy of Employee First, Customer Second (and the thinking behind it), are excited by it, and have put the ideas to work, in their professional and personal lives.

Employee first, Customer Second is a book of fifty-five thousand authors/employees at HCL. Vineet Nayar has put the concepts into practice in ways that amazed and delighted me, while reading the book.

We know that a single good thought can change the society for the better. And I believe that Employee First, Customer Second is a good thought by Vineet Nayar.

I would highly recommend this book to every business leader. At times, the biggest lessons in life come from really unlikely sources. Happy reading 🙂

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Anything worth doing is worth doing passionately

– Michael Jordan was taken out from his high school basketball team.

– His music teacher told him that as a composer, he was hopeless. Beethoven’s music lives on even now.

– This man was turned down by Toyota Motor Corporation in a job interview for an engineer. Soichiro did not lose hope. He went on to start Honda.

– People thought Jeff Bezos was crazy- after all, who would buy books online. His proved them wrong.

These are some of the examples which Arindam Chaudhari quotes in his book- ‘Discover the Diamond in you’. He forces the reader to believe that “ If you think you can, you are right”.

PASSION CAN MAKE ANYTHING HAPPEN and this is exactly what Arindam Chaudhri [Management Consultant to leading organizations worldwide] tries to convey through his book. Arindam Chaudhri can be invited for a seminar [Rs. 5 lakhs per hour] at

Arindam Chaudhri should pay me a commission for this 🙂

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