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Twitter changes the way people drink coffee in Houston[US]

coffeegroundz changes the way people buy coffee !

This Houstan coffee shop [@CoffeeGroundz] is gaining customers and popularity through Twitter. It’s one of the First businesses to use Twitter for takeout orders. They also announce their upcoming events and “tweetups” that bring in about200 new people every month to the coffee shop, some of whom become regular customers.

Happy Tweeting 😉

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Twitter provides an alternative to having customers wait in the phone queue

The way Businesses use twitter today

In 2008, Comcast, which had previously struggled with customer satisfaction, started providing customer support on Twitter [@ComcastCares] as an alternative to having customers wait in phone queues.

By tweeting, customers could watch the ComcastCares team actually trying and usually succeeding at solving problems. Recently the American Customer Satisfaction Index reported ComCast rose an impressive 9.3% in satisfaction. The only change, observed in the survey, was the team of 10 comcast support employees using twitter.

Happy tweeting. Happy innovating ways to help customer 🙂

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Anyone(even bholu, chotu and cheenu) who has internet access and an opinion is a player in todays marketplace !

Power of Social Media

In yesterday’s market place, brands spoke to consumers and consumers did what the brands asked them to do. It was an age in which brands didn’t engage in a dailouge with consumers. The brands controlled the way the image of the brand was built.

Today the market place is about brands and consumers speaking to each other. Brands have been loosing control over the kind of conversation that is taking place about the brand. The internet has moved the control of the brands into consumers’ hand, and that is posing new challenges for brand owners. What it means is that today, brand owners either need to have more people speaking positively about the brands or have fewer people speaking negatively. In both cases, Social Media provides a base for businesses to pick up online conversations and turn them into leads.

Brand perceptions are altered, formed, and re-established on facebook, twitter, orkut, you tube, linked IN, flicker. Do you still doubt the power of Chintu and his facebook account ?

Happy Branding 🙂

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Gift Cadbury chocolates to your valentine in an online garden: Social Media Marketing


Garden of Love (GOL) is all that valentines need. It is open demonstration of love when you want it to be loud and visible; it is protected and private when you want it so.

It is about flowers, it is about beauty; it is about loving and sharing.

Cadbury choclate or flowers? How about both !

The beauty of GOL is that it does not begin and end with Valentine’s Day. A birthday, an anniversary, a simple “missing you”, a promotion, a celebration, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, everyone of them is an occasion to plant a flower and share your happiness with friends and family.

Cadbury used Social Media product Garden of Love (GOL) to connect with its customers.

In GOL, when one creates a flower for a friend, he has 3 options to keep the flower alive and dancing.

1-      Water it.

2-      Give it sunlight.

3-      Give it nourishment.

Cadbury’s replaced the nourishment option with their brand initiative. The icon was replaced with their chocolate image. This was a great move. User and friends could click on the Cadbury’s pack and leave it as a sign of goodwill and friendship alongside the flower.

Ahaaa, what a marketing strategy 🙂


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