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Lets play with the employees of Big Four, and understand how to use functions in Excel to calculate Mean, Median and Mode.



MEAN is commonly referred as the average.

Mean= Sum of observations / No of observations

Syntax in Excel :   =AVERAGE (DATA RANGE)

Example:              =AVERAGE(B4:N2)


MEDIAN is the value in the middle observation when the observations have been placed in ascending order.

Syntax in Excel :   =MEDIAN(DATA RANGE)

Example:              =MEDIAN(B4:N2)


MODE is the observation value that occurs most frequently.

Syntax in Excel :  =MODE(DATA RANGE)

Example:              =MODE(B4:N2)


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If you are Relian** telecommunications, and your customers are not happy with the bill they have been getting- I suggest check your ‘data sorting’ concepts in Excel.

Data Sorting in Excel

To  understand the importance of the point I just made in the title and in the picture in this post, remember that although we are not going to use the customer name as a way of sorting, if they are not included in the sort area they will be detached from the fields- Bill no. and Bill amount.

Detaching one or more fields in the sorting process is the only reason how, for example, Nikki, who used to give only miss calls recieved Jennie’s Bill of Rs. 20,000 [Jennie used to be on the phone 24*7]

Put simply, if your worksheet contains 8 fields and 20 records, say , and even if you intend sorting those records only on the basis of one of those fields-  all 20 records must be included in the range selected for sort.

So, pay a little more attention where you sort in Excel next time. This will make you customers happy 🙂

Happy learning 🙂

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Lesson 1: Understanding Cell in MS- Excel

MS- Excel

  • An Excel Worksheet consists of rows and columns.
  • Columns are identified by letters : (A,B,C,………..Z,AA,AB,AC,…….AZ,BA,BB,…….IV)
  • Rows are identified by numbers ; (1,2,3,…………….8000)
  • The intersection between a row and a column is known as cell and has a unique cell address or cell reference.
  • The cell in 5th row of column C has cell address C5. Note that the column letter always comes first in the cell address,followed by the row number. Thus, 5C is not a valid cell reference.

In the figure above, please find the following: File Name Indicator, Menu Bar, Formula Bar, Active Cell, Scroll Bar and Active Sheet.

Happy Learning 🙂

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